1 or 2 Compressor Pre-Programmed Chiller Controller  
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Instruction manual
1 circuit - 1 compressor up to 2 capacity stages management
2 independent circuit with 1 compressor each management.
Temperature/pressure unloading function
Complete screw compressor chiller management
Geothermal free cooling management
Compressor rotation control (Equal Run Hour)
Direct, part-winding, star-delta compressor start
Start and stop by time bands from RTC (optional)
Energy saving by time bands from RTC or digital input (optional)
Easy programming through HOT KEY 64 or PC (PROG TOOL KIT)
RS485 serial output with ModBUS protocol
Features :
    IC120CX - IC121CX   IC208CX   IC291DV
First display   ± 4 d.p.   ± 4 d.p.    
Second display   ± 4 d.p.   ± 4 d.p.    
Keyboard: push buttons   6   6   12Vac/dc
Power supply   12Vac/dc (24Vac/dc)   12Vac/dc (24Vac/dc)   (24Vac/dc)
Probe inputs            
NTC - PTC - 4÷20mA -0÷5V       6 config    
Pb1   NTC config        
Pb2   NTC config        
Pb3   NTC/4÷20mA/0,5V config        
Pb4   NTC/dig inp config        
Digital Inputs            
High pressure   pres        
Low pressure   pres
N° 4   config        
Relay outputs            
N° 10       5A   5A
RL1 Compressor 1   8A        
Rl2   8A config        
Rl3   8A config        
Rl4   8A config        
Rl5   8A config        
Other outputs            
PWM outputs for fan speed           2
module       2 config   2 config
0÷10V or 4÷20mA outputs for       2 config   4 config
fan speed module       2xVICX620 or 1xVGICX620   Vi620
0÷10V outputs for free cooling,       TTL   VGI620
heat recovery, external relay       pres   TTL, Rs485
Remote keyboards (up to 2)       pres   pres
Hot Key 64/Prog Tool Kit output   (4÷20mA) or (0÷10V)        
Analog output for fan speed module   PWM        
Signal output for triac or ON/OFF fan mod.   12Vdc-40mA max        
Open collector output   VICX610        
Remote keyboards   TTL        
Serial output   pres        
RTC   ( )   ( )   ( )
Buzzer   ( )   ( )   ( )
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