Blast Freezer Controller  
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Design to comply with the rules concerning preparation and chilling of foodstuffs (HACCP)
Four configurable cycles: pre-set according to the most common food – safety applications: soft chill, hard chill and freezing.
Output for remote display to monitor the core temperature of goods.
Internal real time clock.
Printer output (XB07PR) for temperature and blast chiller cycles reports.
All different phases monitorated and shown on the display.
Ultra violet sterilization cycle management.
Each cycle (Cy1, Cy2, Cy3 and Cy4) can be programmed with three different phases according to the food type.
- First phase: hard chill
Limits bacteria reproduction during the initial phase (from high temperature down to 2 °C). During “Hard Chill”, both compressor and fan are always “on” until the end cycle temperature is reached.
- Soft chill phase
Reduces the variation between the surface and core temperatures of the product. During “Soft Chill” the temperature of the room is regulated by the ambient probe: compressor is cycled to maintain a particular air temperature.
- Freezing cycle phase
Freezes the product in the shortest possible time. During the “Freezing Cycle” both compressor and fan are always on until the end temperature is reached.
- Holding phase
The holding phase maintains the final temperature reached by the chilling cycle.
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