Cold Room Controller  
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Designed to be wall or panel mounted.
Display with red LED (30,5mm high) and 11 icons.
Dual display with red LED (25,3mm high) and yellow LED (20,3mm high) and 13 icons.
Advanced multifunction refrigeration controllers with dual temperature management.
Designed for a dual refrigeration circuit or 2 independent circuits.
Clear alarm signals thanks to the front lid
Advanced multifunction controllers with temperature and humidity management.
Dehumidifying action by cooling circuit.
Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU.
Hot key or Prog tool kit connector for a quick and easy programming.
Features :
    XLR130   XLR170   XLR470   XLH260
First display: n° digits   ± 3 d.p.   ± 3 d.p.   ± 3 d.p.   ± 3 d.p.
Second display: n° digits   8   8   ± 4 d.p.   ± 4 d.p.
Keyboard: push buttons   24, 110, 230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac   8   6
Power supply   110÷230Vac   110÷230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac
            110÷230Vac   110÷230Vac
Probe inputs                
Thermostat   NTC/PTC   NTC/PTC   NTC   NTC
Thermostat 2           NTC    
Defrost       NTC/PTC   NTC   NTC
Defrost 2       NTC/PTC   NTC    
Humidity   NTC/           4÷20mA
Digital Inputs                
Alarm, block alarm, pressure switch, start   config   config   config   config
defrost, energy saving, ON/OFF, AUX,                
Door switch   pres   pres   pres   pres
Relay outputs                
Compressor   20A   20A   20A   20A
Compressor2   8A   20A   16A   16A
Defrost       16A   16A   16A
Defrost 2           5A    
Defrost, extrator fans                
Fans       8A   5A   8A
Fans 2           5A    
Heater controls               20A
Humidifying               8A
Dehumidifying / Light   16A   16A   16A   16A config
Alarm   8A   8A   8A   -
AUX   20A   20A       -
Hot Key output   pres   pres   pres   pres
Serial output   RS485 opt   RS485 opt   RS485 opt   RS485 opt
Buzzer   pres   pres   pres   pres
Real time clock   opt   opt   pres    
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