Complete Programmable Controller - PLC  
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Suitable for all chillers, heat pump and geothermal heat pump units.
Suitable for up to 4circuits and 16 compressors (max.)
CAN Bus digital communication serial protocol for the connection to other programmable controllers or expansion board
Possibility to connect Electronic Expansion Value driver.
ModBUS-RTU standard communication protocol for BMS / SCADA connectivity.
Connectivity HUB for BACNET, M-BUS, (optional)
Features :
    IPS408D   IPC415D
Power Supply   24Vac/dc-TF20D   24Vac/dc-TF20D
Display   opt    
Format   4 DIN Rail   10 DIN Rail
Probe inputs        
0÷1V - 0÷5V - 0÷10V - 0÷20mA - 4÷20mA - NTC - PTC - DI   6 config   10 config
Digital Inputs        
Opto-insulated   11 config   20 config
Relay Outputs        
Configurables   8x5A   12x5A +3x8A
Other Outputs        
PWM for Fan Speed Modules       2 config
0÷10V, 4÷20mA for Fan Speed Modules   4config   2config
0÷10V for External Relay Drivers   4config   4
Remote Keyboard   1xVGIPG   2xVGIPC
RS485   slave   master/slave
USB   pres   pres
External Modem       GSM, XWEB modem opt
LAN   pres    
CANBus       pres
Ethernet Enabled   pres   opt
Disconnectable + Screw   pres   pres
Bayonet + Screw        
Internal Modem        
RTC   pres   pres
USB-Ethernet Adapter   opt    
Flash Memory   16MB   128MB
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