Compressor Rack Controller  
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The series are designed for compressor rack up to 15 compressors/fans
Compressor types: multi-stages, differing power, semi-hermetic, scroll and screw
Proportional band or neutral zone control.
Load activation: in set sequence or with automatic rotation.
Type of probes (NTC / PTC / 4÷20mA) selectable by parameter
Low and high safety pressure-switch inputs
Digital input for liquid level alarm.
Type of gas setting: to control temperature or pressure
Hours run meter with maintenance warning for each stage.
Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
Hot key or Prog tool kit connector for a quick and easy programming.
Features :
    XC420C   XC440C   XC811M   XC1015D
First display (suction): n° digits   ± 3 d.p.   ± 3 d.p.   4 d.p.    
Second display (condensing): n° digits   ± 4 d.p.   ± 4 d.p.   ± 4 d.p.    
Power supply   12, 24Vac/dc   12, 24Vac/dc   24, 110, 230Vac   24Vac/dc (from TF20D
Probe inputs                
Regulation   NTC/PTC/4÷20mA   NTC/PTC/4÷20mA        
Suction 1           NTC/4÷20mA   NTC/PTC/4÷20mA/0÷5V
Suction 2               NTC/PTC/4÷20mA/0÷5V
Condensing 1           NTC/4÷20mA   NTC/PTC/4÷20mA/0÷5V
Condensing 2               NTC/PTC/4÷20mA/0÷5V
Auxiliary 1               NTC/PTC
Auxiliary 2               NTC/PTC
Auxiliary 3               NTC/PTC
Auxiliary 4               NTC/PTC
Digital Inputs                
Alarm   2   4        
ON/OFF, liquid level   config   config        
Liquid level           pres    
Low pressure switch 1 (main voltage)           pres   pres
Low pressure switch 2 (main voltage)               pres
High pressure switch 3 (main voltage)           pres   pres
High pressure switch 4 (main voltage)           11   pres
Safety loads (main voltage)               15
Free of voltage               4 config
Relay outputs                
Loads   2 x 8A   4 x 8A   11 x 8A   15 x 7A config
Alarm   8A   8A   2 x 8A   2 x 8A
Alarms   last 10   last 10   last 10    
Hot Key output   pres   pres   pres   pres
Serial output   TTL   TTL   Rs485   Rs485
Alarm output                
Triac output                
Fan output                
Buzzer   opt   opt   pres   on keyboard opt
Infrared output                
Reduced set point           pres    
Real time clock           pres    
Remote display output               VGC810
Inverter compressor output               2 x 4÷20mA/0÷10V opt
Inverter fan output               2 x 4÷20mA/0÷10V opt
External module connections               LAN opt
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