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Compact Energy Meter
Model : MSH
MSH is a range of compact energy meters with coaxial multi-jet flow sensor, intended for heating or cooling.
Installation is in the return pipe.
Models :  
- Fixed/Detachable.
- 0.6m3 /hr-25m3/hr.
- Optional pulse or M-Bus output.
Energy meter with Flow Sensor
(For Horizontal/Vertical Installations)
Model : S2C + MTH
S2C is a range of electronic measuring units which can be combined with all types of volumetric flow meters. The meters are supplied with two temperature sensors and a 3 m factory mounted cable. They are intended to be used in heating or cooling systems.
Horizontal :  
- Flow - 1.5m3/hr-10m3/hr
- Size - DN20 -Dn40 (Thred or Flange)
Vertical :  
- Flow-1.5m3/hr-10m3/hr
- Size - DN20 -DN40(Upword or Downward Flow)
Energy meter with Woltman Flow
(For Any Mounting Position)
Model : S2C+WPTH
Flow - 15m3/hr-600m3/hr
Size - DN50 -DN300 (Flange)
Option :  
- M-Bus Interface to BMS
- Special program for cooling management
- Energy billing software
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