I/O Module And Expansion Board For iPro  
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Up to 6 inputs for NTC, PTC, 4÷20mA and 0÷10V and 3 digital inputs or 4 Pt100 inputs and 4 digital inputs (XJP).
Up to 10 line voltage inputs (XJA).
4 relay output modules, managed by monitoring system (XJR).
Digital inputs for local enable/disable of relays (XJR).
Data acquisition modules suitable for collecting data from any kind of installation (XJP).
I / O Expansion board suitable for small and big iPro models.
SSR outputs in IPEX 70D for special functions of screw compressors.
Features :
    XJA50D   XJA50SL   XJP30D   XJP40D   XJP60D   XJR40D   IPX106D   IPX125D
Power Supply   24, 110, 230Vac   from controller   24, 110, 230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac   24, 110, 230Vac   24Vac/dc   24Vac
Analogue           3 x NTC/PTC/
  4x Pt100   6*x NTC/PTC/
      7 Config.   10 Config.
Digital inputs (power supply voltage)   5   5   3   4   3            
Digital inputs (free of voltage contacts)           3 opt       3*   4   3 Config.   20 Config.
Digital Outputs   4 x 5A opt                   4 x no 8A / nc 5A   6 x 5A   21 x 5A + 4 xSSR
Analogue Outputs                           3 Config.   6 Config.
Hot Key output   pres       pres   pres   pres   pres        
Remote display / keyboard output                       KB1PRG        
Serial output   Rs485       Rs485   Rs485   Rs485   Rs485        
Buzzer                       opt        
CANBus or LAN Output                           Pres   Pres
DIP Switch for Address Selection                           Pres   Pres
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