Pressure Switch, Expansion Valve & Other Refrigerant Flow Control  
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  Small Pressure Controls
Models ACB / LCB / HCB / GCB / TCB
Pressure Control CB series are disc type small pressure controls featuring compact structure and field proven high quality.
It is designed to suit modern designed application with its compact and various type of connection styles, such application as air conditioning, automobile industries and others.
Pressure Range Unit : MPa (kgf/cm2)
  ACB   =   0.7 (7) -4.5 (45)
LCB   =   0.1 (1) -0.7 (7)
HCB   =   2.5 (25) -2.0 (20)
GCB   =   0.2 (2) -3.14 (32)
TCB   =   0.2 (2) -3.14 (32)
  Single / Dual Pressure Controls
Models SNS / DNS
For use with fluorinated refrigerants as well as with air and water. (Allowable fluid temp.: - 20 to 120°C)
Type SNS for universal application.
Pressure Range : Complete Range Upon Request
  Control Type : Auto / Mannual
Available drip proof enclosure for marine application or explosion proof enclosure for special application.
Mounting bracket is supplied as standard.
With SPDT contact mechanism.
IP44 with upper lid (option).
Ammonia Models : Available upon request.
  Oil Protection Controls
Models ONS
Provides dependable protection against major breakdown on pressure lubricated refrigeration compressors by guarding against low lubrication oil pressure.
With manual reset.
Built in time delay switch.
Mounting bracket is supplied as standard.
Ammonia models, drip proof models are available upon request.
Pressure Range Unit : MPa (kgf/cm2)
  Min.   =   0.05 (0.5)
Max.   =   0.35 (3.5)
Diff.    =   0.05 (0.5)
  Expansion Valves
Models ATX
Suitable for use in general refrigeration, air-conditioning systems, and hot gas defrost systems.
Max. allowable pressure: 3.3 MPa {33 kgf/cm2}
Max. temperature of body: 80°C.
Max. temperature of sensing bulb: 40°C.
Adjustable range of static superheat: 0 to 13°C.
Rugged Diaphragm element : Best for heat pump units
Suitable for R410A refrigerant
  Expansion Valves
Models QCX / RCX and SCX
Suitable for R134a, R407c, R410A.
Compact size & light weight.
Board temperature range application for deep freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning (single flow).
internal or External equalized types are available.
Flare or Solder connection types are available.
Adjustable static superheat setting.
Suitable for refrigeration systems with hot gas defrosting.
The same products can be used for R 22 and R 407 C.
Application (QCX/RCX) :Refrigeration display case, Commercial refrigeration freeze, Air conditioning, reefer, etc.
Application (SCX) : General refrigeration, water chillers, Transport refrigeration, Air to Water.
  Expansion Valves
Models BHX
General refrigeration and air conditioning system.
This valve provides excellent control in unloading, heat pump application, or in a hot gas defrost system.
Charge: S (Special) charge for all purpose with 18°C (standard) MOP.
Max. allowable pressure: 2.8 MPa {28 kgf/cm2}
Adjustable range of static superheat: 0 to 8°C.
Superheat change: 4 to 5 °C.
Capacity up to 22TR
  Solenold Valve And Check Valves
Models SEV (Solenold Valve)
Pilot operated, 2-way, normally closed valve.
For non-corrosive refrigerant (liquid or gas) in refrigeration units. Also available for air application.
Can operate under no pressure difference. (SEV–502 and 603)
Can install horizontally and vertically. (Coil should be located above the axis of pipe line.)
Models : ACV (Check Valve)
Install in the liquid line of heat pump air conditioner to prevent the counter flow at change over of cycles from heating to cooling and vice versa.
Also for prevention of reverse flow of high pressure gas when compressor stops
For use with Fluorinated Refrigerants, air or oil
  Water Flow Switch
Models FQS
For use on liquid lines such as water, ethylene glycol, or any non-corrosive fluid in chillers, pumps, condensers, boilers, etc.
With S.P.D.T. contact mechanism
Paddle consists of three segments that can be removed or trimmed for use in 1 to 6" pipe
Drip proof models: Available upon request.
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