Refrigerant / Gas Leak Detection  
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  Refrigerant Leak Detection System
Detects all refrigerants which are mainly used in Refrigeration applications like Ammonia (NH3) or Carbon Di-oxide (Co2)
Detects all refrigerant gases which are mainly used in HVAC applications like Hydrocarbons, Halocarbons – HFCs (R134a, R404A, R40,
R410A, R507), HCFCs (R22), CFCs (R12)
Complete Electronic Panel for monitoring up to 99 Refrigerant Leak Sensors with BMS Compatible
Optional Housings for sensors with IP56, Ip66, Exd etc. for all kinds of Environment conditions.
  Ethylene/CO2 Sensor & Controls
Model: iPRO with customized program
Electro-Chemical type Ethylene Sensor with 0-100 PPM (for Cold Rooms) or Semi-Conductor type 0-1000PPM (for Ripening Chamber) with Ip66 Protection Enclosure
Compact unit with self-extinguishing ABS panel and IP 65 protection rating plus circuit breaker on front of panel.
IR Based CO2 sensor with Various Ranges like 0-2000PPM (for Ventilation HVAC), 0-10000 PPM & 0-30000 PPM (for Cold Storage & Ripening application) with IP66 Protection Enclosure
LED Display for PPM and with Controls for Ethylene Generator/Removal or Damper/Exhaust system
Complete PLC or Monitoring System Integration
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