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Software specifically designed for use together with Regin’s EXO hardware. The result is a highly effective and user-friendly building automation system with software that takes full advantage of all the possibilities offered by the hardware.
Web-based portal for planning of operation, maintenance and administration for more efficient operation and energy use.
Planned service measures.
Error reports.
Alarm reports and measures taken.
Time and energy reports, based on the area of the building, etc.
Compare the energy consumption of your properties over a period of up to five years.
  Automatic connection to different service companies.
Powerful SCADA system giving you complete control and overview of one or many buildings. You can handle alarms and access all important parameters, functions and data.
Dynamic visualization of plants and processes
Real-time curves and trends.
Time channel program.
Historical database.
Alarm and status supervision with three alarm priority levels.
Registration and handling of events.
Support for SQL.
Client-server for large systems with many workstations.
EXO4 version   Max. No.of I/Os   Several computers connected in a network   Version   Type
EXO4 2009 TRIAL   75 I/Os   No   -   EXO4TRIAL
EXO4 2009 XS7   300 I/Os   Yes   PC card
EXO4 2009 S7   500 I/Os   Yes   PC card
EXO4 2009 M7   1000 I/Os   Yes   PC card
EXO4 2009 L7   3000 I/Os   Yes   PC card
EXO4 2009 XL7   Unlimited   Yes   PC card
EXOopc Driver
EXOopc Driver makes it possible to connect EXO controllers to any software supporting the OPC standard. This means that most of the SCADA software in the market today can be used together with Regin’s controllers. The possibility of communication with various OPC clients / servers can easilybe controlled using the Matrikon OPC Sniffer.
All the data will then be available via the OPC interface.
Discription   Type
EXOopc Driver   EXOOPC
EXOhotel is an add-on program for EXO4 which connects a hotel booking system using the Fidelio protocol with the full range of functionalities of the EXO4 system. Heating and cooling in each hotel room can be controlled to save energy when the room is empty and provide a comfortable indoor climate when the room is occupied.
Discription   Type
Hotel booking system   EXOHOTEL
EXO4 Web Server
EXO4 Web Server is a web-based SCADA system which gives
access to require information via the internet or an intranet solution.
Discription   Number of I/Os   Type
EXO4 Web Server 2009XS   300 I/Os   EXO4WEB-XS7
EXO4 Web Server 2009S   500 I/Os   EXO4WEB-S7
EXO4 Web Server 2009M   1000 I/Os   EXO4WEB-M7
EXO4 Web Server 2009L   3000 I/Os   EXO4WEB-L7
EXO4 Web Server 2009XL   Unlimited   EXO4WEB-XL7
EXOreport is an add-on program for EXO4 which simplifies the analyses of operation costs and energy consumption. It helps you create diagrams, trend curves etc. in Microsoft Excel format. EXOreport automatically generates and prints your monthly or weekly reports.
Discription   Type
EXOreport 2010   EXOREPORT
All EXO controllers are fully software compatible and are
programmed using EXOdesigner, a PC-based development environment.
Discription   Type
Development software EXOdesigner 2009   EXODESIGNER2009
Nimbus Alarm Server 2
Software for use together with EXO4. The system sends alarms from your system via e-mail, sms, fax etc. Requires hardware key version 7 or later.
Discription   Type
Nimbus alarm server 2   NIMBUS-2009
Weatherlink is the ultimate solution for energy-efficient climate control based on weather forecasts. A forecast receiver is connected to the Regin controller instead of an ordinary outdoor temperature sensor. The receiver combines outdoor temperature data with data received from a weather satellite, in order to control the indoor climate by thinking ahead, which in effect will reduce energy costs substantially.
Discription   Type
Forecast control   WEATHERLINK
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