Mission & Vision


Our Mission

We will work very closely with our overseas technology partners to bring the best technological products for the Indian HVAC & R industry, and we will manage all required operations such as creating awareness about the world's best technologies and new advanced products, etc., as well as creating local customized infrastructure to assist the Indian HVAC-R industry in producing world-class products made in India.

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Our Vision

To become the premier controls, automation, technology, and customized solution supplier firm to the Indian Refrigeration & Air-conditioning sector by offering unrivaled quality products and services at the most competitive costs, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.


Our Core Values

The core values of an organisation are those values which form the foundation on which, we all work, perform and conduct. We have lots of values available but some of them are so primary and important that throughout the changes in society, politics, or technology, they are still the core values we will abide by.

In an everchanging world, core values are always constant. At KAHAN CONTROLS, our hidden driving force are : Leadership by Example, Best People, Client Value, Integrity & Transparency and Excellence.

Passion For Excellence

We must enthusiastically seek to reach the highest industry standards in every small task we perform in our everyday lives, whether it be the quality of our products or services, paperwork, or management.


We must continue to be responsible and sensitive to the countries, communities, and environments in which we work, ensuring that what comes from the people is returned to the people as many times as possible.

Change Improvement & Innovation

Life is full of change. We shouldn't be afraid of change. Our desire for change and ongoing progress requires that everyone be encouraged to come up with new and creative ideas. We must also ensure that those innovative ideas are appropriately implemented to create a new and improved product or service.

Clients Come First

The customer should always be at the heart of all we do. All of our efforts should be directed at providing the best product and service support to our clients, and we will aim to maintain the best possible relationship with them.